Just Paper, Please!

Sometimes we overthink things and spend too much time creating materials from scratch, or we depend too much on books and technology. Let’s get super low-tech and back to basics with paper! In Part 1 of this session you will see writing activities, games, warm-ups, and lesson plans that use only paper. In Part 2, we will create mini-books and not-so-mini-books that can be used as reference tools for your ESL and Civics students. Come join us for this fun and interactive session! (Band-aids for paper cuts will be provided free of charge.)

Beyond Kahoot!

Do you like Kahoot!? Are you looking for more online tools to use with your students? Expand your digital horizons and see new and exciting ways to engage your students both in class and out. We will look at a variety of online games and apps that will stimulate your students with often little to no work for you! Plus, we will learn how to move beyond just reviewing information to teaching with these free online products.