Start with Music!

~ Ideas for the Classroom ~

Music can help improve or change your mood. That’s a fact. A real fact. A real scientific fact. A real scientific truth fact. So here’s my short idea: play music before the class begins.

As students begin to trickle into class, have music playing in the background. It can be anything as long as it’s upbeat. If you can, project the lyrics with Youtube.

Many adult students come to our classes after work. They’re tired. Hungry. Or maybe just not motivated that day. Something upbeat at the beginning of class can help them get re-energized, get pumped for the class ahead. 

As an additional note, right before class starts, I like to play the same song for two or three weeks so students begin to learn the song and sing along. Sometimes it’s related to the grammar we’re studying, but often it’s just for fun, like this song which my beginning students learned quite easily even without subtitles:

Here are my Youtube playlists. Feel free to use them and share:

ESL Songs
ESL Songs Classic
Happy Songs
Learn Something

But remember to download a Youtube Ad Blocker first!